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A gaming site offering high-quality online jigsaw puzzles. The implementation includes web presentation, a database for tracking puzzles and players, a Java client/server application for game play, a puzzle-editing utility and reports.

Platform : Java, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Javascript.

Dellex Online Games

This is a functional prototype for a sponsored online video game site. The functionality allows players and sponsors to login and conduct game-related business, such as organizing clans and scheduling tournaments.

Platform : Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL.

Dellex Online Games - Another Graphical Treatment

Experimental Document Control System

Built to test the limits of managing documents through a web interface. The system features a Windows Explorer folder/file interface, check-in/check-out and versioning.

Platform : Linux, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL.

Experimental Document Control System - Permission Manager

The inheritence-based permission manager provides granular control over access to folders and files. For example, one user might have read-only permissions for a given folder, another user might be able to check files in and out and yet another user might not even be able to see the folder. Platform : Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL.


A bilingual Hispanic business portal, featuring a searchable list of Hispanic-owned businesses, home page hosting, content and other business-to-business features.

Platform : Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Cold Fusion, Microsoft SQL Server.

Sepuede - En Español

Here is the same page in Spanish. The site allows the visitor to switch between Spanish and English at any time. This required an innovative database design and presentation architecture, as well as tools for managing multilingual content.

Who You Know

A prototype for a job search site based on networking through contacts.

Platform : Linux, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL.


Launched in 1994, InsWeb was the first insurance marketplace on the web, and is still considered the front-runner in this space. Consumers can get comparative quotes on auto, homeowners, life and health insurance. The site integrated the rating, underwriting and fulfillment processes for numerous insurance companies.

Platform : Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, C++.